about us

“I want to be a free spirit”

For me, creation means freedom.
When I sketch,
when I construct,
when I’m inspired
I have nothing else in my mind.

I am freed by enjoying my existence!

Hi, I’m Joe Pissadaki. I was born in 1983 and raised in Chania, Crete.

As a student I used to walk with my friends in the street market in the old harbor
I met many artists there. I was impressed by these people
who lived in a hippie style and who ran their little shops along the harbor.

That first impression was the reason that led me to silversmithing.

I really like to present my summer jewelry collections, next to the sea or the river side, surrounded by natural beauty.

Although I am over 40 years old and a mother of twins, some of you met me at a music festival, selling my jewelry there.

Nowadays, all shops are mostly online.

This store comes with the help of my husband Ioannis Skretis.

We both studied silversmithing, in silversmith school of Stemnitsa, Peloponisos and we graduated in 2014.

Before that, at the age of 19, I said goodbye to my family in Crete, to study in Athens as a handmade jewelry technician.

Excited by my training, after graduation, I attended a 6-month seminar in Turnov, Czech Republic at a silversmithing specialty school.

I was taught traditional & contemporary silver & goldsmithing techniques as well as jewelry design from the
very best teachers.

At the same time and after my studies, I worked in silversmith workshops and took part in many wholesale & retail exhibitions.

My jewels have a unique style, deriving basically from what I like to see on me, and naturally it is an artistic challenge to create a piece for particular people.

This is what enhances my creativity.

What inspires me is to create jewelries which stand up to the overabundance of our times.

Stimulations from nature but also the city vibes constitute my work of art.

I sculpt metal mainly Sterling Silver and Brass which sometimes i combine.

I also work on Gemstones, Pearls & Corals, Silk & Leather as well as Chains, which I prefer.

The last 20 years of my experience with jewelry making I have experimented with other materials such as Wood, Pebbles, Seashells, Beads, Plastic and Steel Wires.

At the present, I welcome you to my online shop JoinJewels, feeling excited for this new venture by presenting my way of jewelry construction.

I would like to thank all my customers so far.
Everyone left me a five star review. All comments and feedback are so enthusiastic, full of kindness and pleasure.
Your support  means everything to me.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Let me take you to a journey in my art jewelry creations.

Cocktail Rings, Stackable Rings, Triple & Double Rings etc.
In a style that changes from antique to contemporary and minimal design.

Earrings are my love. You can choose a variety of categories.
The new design that moves me in particular is Ear Jackets & Climbers. Also, Cuff & Wrap Earrings.

From Miniatures & Chokers to Chunky Mental which are playful with a unique style and eye-catching.

Brooches are my favorite project because of limitless ways to design & construct them. With sterling silver or brass, or a combination of metals.

Intricately designed Sterling Silver or Brass Bracelets, that are quite strong and adhesive that can be worn on daily basis. Also, Bracelets with Gemstones or Pearls and materials such as Silk Strings with intense colures, or Leather for men’s fashion conclude to my collections.